My collection of mini bottles 50 ml.

This is my collection of mini-bottles (microbottles, miniatures or small bottles). Vodka, liqueur, cognac, tequila, beer, gin and other, but only 0,05 l = 50 g = 50 ml = 5 cl = 1/10 pint (also 40 ml, 30 ml, 20 ml, etc.). My hobby has no name, but at the end of December, 2005 colleagues - collectors at the specialized forum have decided to name this hobby simply —алкоминималистика (alcominimalistic).

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Now I have 2064 mini-bottles. But some mini-bottles of one firm are very similar — have only differences in the label or a fuse of other color. How to count them?

Mini-bottles are from the different countries: Australia, France, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, England, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, San Marino, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Israel, Congo, Uganda, Jordan, the USA, Chilie, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Bermudas, Bahamas, Jamaica, Thailand, Vietnam, Hungary, Czechoslovakia (and Czech Republic), Poland, Yugoslavia, China, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia. Russia (including Adygea, Tatarstan and Kabardino-Balkariya), the USSR (Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Armenia - and after disintegration of the USSR too).

Earlier the list of all mini-bottles was in one file, but since March, 2003 there are different web-pages: beer, vodka, kazenka, rakia, tequila, whisky, brandy, martini, vermouth, gin, rum,cognac and armagnac, liqueur, balsam, vine. Colleagues - collectors can go to Exchange, where I have arranged mini-bottles which I can change.

Special thanks for the people which helped me to update a collection (even one mini-bottle): Alex Tereshenkov, Roman Shevchyuk, Anrey Kuhnyuk, Vicka Parshikova, Tanya Krishtafovich, Eduard Harchenko, Alexander from the Krasnodar autoshop (unfortunately, I do not know his surname...), Alexander Behtold from Germany, Vitalik Dzjaba from Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine, Arye Milner from Israel, George and Anna Lysenko from the USA (California), Igor Volobuyev, Galina Serebrjakova from Voronezh, Oleg Emelin and Vladimir Gamrekely from Chelyabinsk, Oleg Mishin from Izhevsk, Irina Isaakyan, Sergey Semenenko, Julia Jafarova, Irina Isaakyan and Yuri Toskin from Saint Petersburg, Arthur Hachaturjan, Dmitry Aleshin, Anna Ivanova (Amy Lee), Sergey Lyah (Siniy Borod), Sasha Brusova, Sardor Izhakov, Dmitry Fyodorov and Alexey Rozhkov (from Moscow), Svetlana Bukina (from Lyubertsy), Alex Konanyheen from Lipetsk, Vladimir Lutc from Norilsk, Alexey Kabanov from Rostov-on-Don, Vladimir Khramov from Lviv (Ukraine), Vyacheslav Samoteyev from Odessa (Ukraine), David Managadze from Georgia, Maxim Vishnyakov from Karaganda (Kazakhstan), Eugeny Dekterev from Arkhangelsk, Alexey Malyavkyne from Novorossiisk, Alex Ukleykeen, Vladimir Kravchenko, Alex Kuchinsky and Andrey Bremshmidt from Minsk (Belarus), Anton Botvinko from Protvino, Oleg Aleheen from Sochi, Anita Ilyina from Tallinn (Estonia), Sergey Galeen and Svetlana Shmelkova from Khabarovsk, Alexey Shatureen and Andrey Yakimov from Vladivostok, Sergey Danilevsky from Kaliningrad, Viktor Nazarov from Dagestan, Leonidas Tsavdaroglou from Greece, Tatyana Rasmussen from Denmark, Leonidas Tsavdaroglou from Greece, Anton Omelchenko from our faculty of law, Maxim Viktorovich Feoktistov, Vera from Enka, the correspondent of magazine «Palate of Kuban» Natalia Blinova, Oleg, Irina, Michael Kubahov, Boris Kerzman, Alexander Rudenko, Alexander Ananko, Ludmila Alexeyevna, brothers Max and Michael Karachuns, Andrey Volkov and Sergey Marchenko from Krasnodar, Oleg from an elite depot of firm «SAG», sellers of shops «Vines of Kuban», «Lotus Land», «Dalport city», «Tamada», «Centro», «Vavita», «Victory», Moscow Open Company «Vincol», and also my mother and my grandmother... THANK all of you!!! 

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