«Mount Gay Eclipse Rum»

Стеклянная плоская бутылочка, 50 мл, ром. На кремовой этикетке изображён остров Барбадос. Perfected by Tradition. Since 1703. Product of Barbados. Exported by Mount Gay Brandons, St. Michael. Produced, blended and distilleries limited Barbados, West Indies. Imported and bottled by: CLS Remy Cointreau 49124 Saint Barthelemy d'Anjou France. Производитель: http://www.mountgayrum.com/. Состав: вода подготовленная, дистиллят из сахарного тростника. Дата разлива: 04.04.2012 г. Eclipse is the reference for character, body and aroma by which our Master Blender Allen Smith uses to blend every variety of Mount Gay Rum. For many rum aficionados Eclipse is also the reference by which all rum should be measured. Eclipse has a brilliant golden amber colour and a luxuriously complex aroma.
Aromas: distinctive floral and fruity notes of apricot and banana, with hints of vanilla. Taste: subtle smokiness imparted by the toasted Kentucky oak barrels in which the rum is aged. Body: warm, medium body with a bright finish. Бутылочка приобретена мной летом 2014 года в Краснодаре.
  • Емкость: 50 мл
  • Крепость: 40 %
  • Страна-производитель: Barbados - Барбадос
  • Название категории: Ром, rum
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«Mount Gay Eclipse Rum»

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